Live Stream Health Monitoring

Our streaming platform enables you to monitor the health of your live stream both during and after the event window. The health page displays a number of metrics:

Current Status

This is shown only during a live stream window and indicates the current state of the live stream. You can read more about the various status indicators and what they mean at this article.

Network In

This indicates the data and bitrate of the live stream coming from your encoder. This could be from a fixed location or a mobile connection and is very useful in troubleshooting the quality of a connection at your location. If the Network In figure is below 1.5MBps (1.5 Megabits per second), you may start to experience live stream issues such as buffering, framerate degradation or frame drop outs. If the Network In figure is below 1.0MBps (1 Megabit per second) you will almost certainly experience a degraded live stream and may need to seek a more stable Internet connection at your location.

Network Out

This indicates the combined bitrate of the adaptive live stream renditions being pushed to viewers via our CDN (Content Delivery Network) and is directly and proportionally related to the Network In figure.

Input Framerate

The input framerate is the current number of video frames being received and is an independent figure from Network In. It is entirely possible to have a very good incoming connection with a high bitrate, but still experience a low framerate. This is often due to an encoder issue, such as an encoder being unable to sustain a high frame rate during encoding. This can occur if an encoder is experiencing a technical fault, or if a device feeding video to the encoder is unable to do so at a sustained framerate.

Dropped Frames

Depending on the type of encoding and settings used in your encoder, plus the combination of the 3 other metrics described above, occasionally you may see dropped frames, or video frames which have been discarded in order to attempt to maintain a consistent overall live stream data flow.

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