How to Replace a Live Stream


If you have experienced an interrupted stream (due to weak Internet Signal or other potentially Hardware based issue) and have a better locally recorded version of the stream you can upload a replacement video. 


From the relevant client’s page, select the Live Stream tab and then select Upload New.



Select Browse and then find the replacement video from the pop-up window.


Choose the file you wish to upload.



Finally select the Upload button, then your file will start to upload to the Naoca Platform.



Please keep the browser open till the file has reached 100%.  Once the status is at 100% you will need to wait several minutes for the new video to be fully available on the Naoca Platform.



My upload is still processing

Please be patient. This may take some time depending on the quality of your internet connection and the number of other people also trying to upload at the same time. Our program has to accept the upload and convert it to a format which can be viewed online and downloaded.

However if it takes more than a few hours, there is likely an error. This can happen when the file you are trying to upload has become corrupted in the process of editing the video (even something as simple as trimming off the first few minutes of the recording). For those video buffs among us, this is often an error in the moov atom.

There are a number of possible solutions:

  • Upload the original unedited version if possible
  • Use a different program to edit the video
  • Upload the video in a different format if you have one available