Live Streaming with a Mevo Camera


What is a Mevo Camera?

A compact, tripod-mountable camera specially designed for live streaming. Currently the best-in-class solution for affordable yet high quality streaming from any location.


  • 1080p video encoded in HEVC or H.264

  • 3.6mm lens with 83.7o field of view

  • 3x internal microphones with spatial processing or external microphone input via 3.5mm aux, USB-C or Mevo app

  • RTMP compatibility


Setting up and connecting to the camera

You will need to configure the connection settings the first time you use your camera but after this you will simply be able to press connect and start streaming. It is recommended that you hotspot the Mevo camera off your phone but be aware that this will incur significant data usage.


1.     Turn on the camera with the power button on the back

2.     Download and open the Mevo app. It will automatically find your camera

3.     Grant it all the permissions it requests

4.     Select Update Firmware if prompted


5.     If you have previously set this up, you can connect to the Mevo straight away. Otherwise tap configure Mevo

6.     Select mevo hotspot and then tap done

7.     If it asks for permissions, allow them all

8.     Tap Configure iPhone

9.     Select the Mevo wifi network. Sometimes on iPhones this does not work and you will need to connect to this wifi network the usual way though your settings app.

10.  Click “connect”

11.  Tap the record button (red button) and then tap the RTMP button. You will then be able to add the channel by clicking New RTMP. If you have previously set this up, you can select from the available channels instead and skip the next step.

12.  Add your channel information as prompted. Make the name something easily identifiable, especially if you have multiple channels. The stream URL can be found on the Naoca streaming platform by navigating to Settings > Channels. The stream URL is found under the Ingest URL heading but make sure to remove “/live” off the end as this is not part of the Stream URL. The stream key will be live.



Name: Mevo camera 001

Stream URL: rtmp://

Stream Key: live

13.  Tap “Go Live” to start streaming

To end the stream, click the button in the bottom left and slide it across to end the stream.



Please ensure that your Mevo camera and phone both have sufficient battery for the entire stream, or have a portable charger available.