How to Access a Live Stream

There are two ways you might be able to access a live stream

  1. Email invitation – you may receive an email with a link to the live stream along with a PIN code to access it if necessary.

  2. Organisation’s website – sometimes the organisation will host the live stream on their website. They should inform you if this is the case and let you know where to find the live stream. If a PIN is required, it will be emailed to you.


Please note that we are unable to provide you with the PIN if you have lost it. Please contact the event organiser for help with this.

You may need to get in touch with the event organiser if you are unsure where to find the live stream.


This is an example of how the invitation email may look.


Once you have accessed the live stream, you will see a page similar to this



You may also leave a comment by scrolling down to the Add comment button or read comments that other people have left.



The stream should have started by now

Sometimes the event will not start at exactly the scheduled start time for a number of reasons. For example:

  • The event is running behind schedule

  • There are issues with the internet connection. The live stream host is probably aware of this and will be working hard to resolve this issue.


My PIN code is not working/I can’t find the PIN

The PIN code may have been changed for security reasons. Please contact the person who sent you the initial invitation to request the new PIN.


I can’t find the live stream

Please contact the event organiser who will re-send the email invitation or show you where to access the stream.