New User Setup Guide

This is a quick-start guide designed to give you an overview of the basics required to get up and running as quickly as possible. If anything in this article is unclear, you will find more detailed help articles on specific issues.



Register on our platform via this link:

You will automatically be signed up for a trial which includes 3 free streams and 1 channel. Please contact us when you are ready to upgrade to a paid subscription.


Create a channel

Navigate to Settings (cog icon in the top right corner) > Channels


Click the Add button to create a new channel, then give it a name and upload a poster image. A poster image is the default background image for the video player window while a video/live stream is not playing.

You will then be redirected back to the channels page where you will see a list of all your channels. Click on a channel to see the information you will need to set up a streaming device.

In the Ingestion tab you will find the RTMP URL which needs to be entered into your streaming device and is sometimes known as a "stream URL" or "RTMP code". You will find help articles in our knowledge base for how to set up some of the more common streaming devices/programs but the manufacturer of your device will also have instructions on their website.

Enter these details into your streaming device/software. Then once you have set up an event and streaming window you will be able to stream using that same RTMP code every time.

Note that if you want to conduct multiple live streams at the same time, you will need to create another channel which will have its own RTMP URL.


Creating a Live Stream

Click the new client button and fill in the details.

The Enable Profile toggle at the bottom enables us to push content to your website (information on how to set this up below). When you click Save you will be redirected to the client page from which you can update the client’s details and set up the event.

To create a live stream, navigate to the Live Streams tab on the left-hand side and follow the prompts. Make sure to select the correct channel from the dropdown menu – you will only be able to stream from a device which has been set up with the RTMP URL corresponding to this channel. You will only be able to stream between the start and end time entered here, though you may update the start time before the window opens and you may update the finish time before the window closes.

Setting up Website Integration

Integrating our streaming platform with your website allows us to push content through to a designated live streaming page on your website. This will need to be set up by your web developer and they have two options for how to do this:

If you have a Wordpress website you may use our plugin. For other websites, contact us for access to our customisable API.

Your web developer will need you to set up and provide an API key. To generate an API key, navigate to the settings menu (cog in the to right corner), then to API tokens. Click on Web Access Token and click the Add button.

Enter a name for your API key and then copy and paste the URL for the home page of your website. You may need one of four permutations depending on how your website was built, but to be safe you can just enter all of them. For example: (with https) (with http) (with https, omit www) (with http, omit www)

When you click Save you will be able to copy your new API key.