Creating an Event

To create a new event or live stream on your website, start by creating a new client by clicking the New Client button.

You are then directed to the event details page. The more information you enter the better, however you are only required to fill in the First and Last name of the person. The Profile toggle at the bottom of the form is selected by default if you have set up website integration. Selecting this will push the event onto your website. Click save to proceed.

Set up a Live Stream

You are then directed to the event dashboard. To set up your live stream, click the Live Stream tab on the left and then click the green Add button. On the next page you will enter the live stream details.

  • Title: title of the live stream (you may create multiple streams per event so the title will differentiate them).

  • Channel: select the equipment you will to stream from. Each channel is set up with a permanent RTMP code which you will have entered into the streaming device already.

  • Start/end date/time: This will open and close the streaming window at the correct time. You may choose to open it 15 minutes before the event is due to start to give yourself time to ensure the live stream is running. Many of our users also set the stream to end later than the planned finish time to account for over-running.

Save when you are ready.

Once saved, you will see a list of live streams for this event. You may add additional live streams by clicking the green Add button. This is useful if for example you are moving between venues and wish to stream from both locations.

Setting a PIN for the Event

You may PIN protect the event to ensure that it is kept private for only those who are invited to attend. Navigate to the Event tab and adjust the privacy settings. This PIN will automatically be sent with an email invitation but it is important to ensure that you decide whether to include a PIN code before sending invitations so that the PIN is sent in the email if required.

Sending Invitations

Click on the Invitations tab and then select Add to enter invitees individually or Add Multiple to enter all invitees at once.

You are not required to populate the name section but a valid email address is required.

If you chose the Add Multiple option you can paste in several email addresses (one per line) to send a bulk email.

After you enter an invitation, you will be taken back to the list of created invitations. By default, invitations are not sent automatically (though you can change this in the settings menu in the top right corner). When you are ready to send the invitation, you can click the dropdown menu next to the invitation (three dots) and then click Send.