Adding Additional Content to your Event

Our platform supports a range of additional content to bring your event to life:

  • Obituary

  • Photo gallery

  • Venue information

  • Stationery

  • Press notice

  • Profile picture


These features can only be used if you have set up website integration. See the Streaming/Uploading to your Website help guide for advice with this.

Next you will need to Enable Profile when creating a New Client.

Or alter this setting in the Profile or Settings tab of an existing client.

Media Management

Go to the client and navigate to their Media tab then click on the Upload button. You can upload multiple files at once. These files will then appear in a list within the Media tab.

Setting a Profile Picture

Select the three dots at the end of the row and then set as profile picture.

Adding an Obituary, Stationery or Press Notice

These all work in the same way. Once you have uploaded the file in the Media tab you can navigate to the relevant tab and select Browse Media. From here you will be able to select the file to set as the obituary/stationery/press notice. You can alternatively Upload the file directly from the relevant tab.

Adding a Venue

This will allow your website visitors to see where and when the actual event is being held - useful for those who are attending in person - and is integrated with Google Maps.

When adding a venue to an event you will need to choose a Service Type if this is the first event of this type, you will have to create new service type and enter a name before proceeding. From here you can select one of your venues from the dropdown list or add new venue which will prompt you to enter the required details.

Photo Gallery

You can upload photos to create a gallery within the event page on your website. Once you have uploaded the images in the media tab (or upload them directly from the gallery tab) you can tick the images you would like to see in the gallery and click Add to Gallery.