Live Streaming With Blackmagic ATEM Switcher


Blackmagic Design ATEM Switcher Setup


This guide will walk you through the basic setup for an ATEM switcher.


You will require the following to begin streaming with an ATEM switcher:

1. Laptop or desktop computer (Mac or Windows)

2. Camera(s) and microphone(s) connected to the switcher

3. An internet connection

4. A Naoca Streaming account


What is an ATEM Switcher?

A switcher, such as the ATEM Mini and ATEM Mini Pro allows the user to easily switch between multiple audio and video sources to be live streamed or recorded. It accepts up to 2 audio inputs and 4 video inputs.

For those who would like an in-depth tutorial

Zebra Zone on Youtube has an excellent deep dive into the ATEM Mini Pro. However the fundamentals of setup are explained in this help guide.

Download the ATEM software package

Go to the following link:

Download and install the latest “ATEM Switchers x.x.x Update” file, making sure to choose the correct file based on your operating system.

Connecting to the ATEM Software Control

Open the “ATEM Software Control” program. On Mac, this can be found in Applications/Black Magic ATEM Switchers, on Windows the user would have specified the installation location with the installer wizard.

Connecting vai USB

Plug your laptop/desktop into the ATEM device’s “USB OUT” port. The Software Control program should detect the connection.

Click on the image of the ATEM device and update the software if prompted.

Click on the  button to launch the controller program. You can now interact with the ATEM device via the on-screen interface.

Adding a New Streaming Endpoint

Find the Streaming.xml file.

On a Mac this can be done with Finder by clicking “Go” > “Go to Folder…” in the Finder menu bar as shown below.

Paste in /Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/Switchers And hit enter

On Windows it is found in the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackmagic Design\Blackmagic ATEM Switchers\ATEM Software Control

Open the “Streaming.xml” file in a code editor then copy and paste the following code just before the last line:


    <name>Naoca Streaming</name>
            <config resolution="1080p" fps="60">
            <config resolution="1080p" fps="30">

It should look like this:

Replace the rtmp code between the <url> tags with the rtmp code found at (note that you must log in to access it). Important: remove “/live/” from the end of the RTMP code.

Save the file. You may be prompted to “Retry as Sudo…” after which you will need to enter your user password.

Close and re-open the control software. You should now be able to select “Naoca Streaming” as the platform, as shown below.

Enter “live” as the Key.