Streaming/Uploading to your Website

You should speak to your web developer about setting up our WordPress plugin on your website. They may find this help guide useful but you will first need to set up an API key for them.

Generating an API Key

Navigate to the settings menu and then to API Tokens > Web Access Tokens.

Click the green Add button.

Give your API token a name such as "organisation name" - API. Copy and past your websites home page URL in the allowed origins field (some browsers will append a "/" on the end of the URL, make sure to remove this)

Clicking Save will produce an API key which will be needed for setting up your website - send this to your web developer.

Setting up the WordPress Plugin

We suggest that you contact your web developer for this step...

Install our plugin:

You will need to create an "events list" page which will display a list of all events and an "event" page on which all of the content for an event and the live stream will be rendered.

The "events list" page will need a container with the following short code: [naoca-client-list]

The "event" page will need a container with the following short code: [naoca-client]

Follow this link to find out more about WordPress short codes:


In the Naoca plugin settings, enter the API key (provided by the Naoca user) in the APIs tab. Within the client tab, select the "event" page on which the event and live stream will be rendered.


We also support Google Maps integration to supplement venue information, for which our plugin will require a Google API key. We recommend the Google Embed API, instructions for which can be found here: